Little Miss & Pre-Teen Tennessee United States

For the 2017 Pageant, one delegate crowned in each of our divisions will advance to the National Miss United States competition representing the State of Tennessee! (Pageant location to be determined…)

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Pageant Divisions

Little Miss Tennessee United States Ages 8-9
Miss Pre-Teen Tennessee United States Ages 10-12

* Ages as of January 1st 2017.

Official Rules & Conditions

  • The Little Miss Tennessee United States pageant looks for girls with sparkling personalities.
  • No pageant experience is necessary!
  • Makeup is allowed but should be age appropriate and only enhance the child’s beauty.
  • Tanning, pageant attire, fake hair, and fake teeth are unnecessary. Again… BE AGE APPROPRIATE!!!

Phases Of Competition

Judges Personal Interview

The judge’s personal interview is an opportunity for the contestant to represent themselves as an individual and show their personality. Each contestant will have interview in round robin format with 3 minutes with each judge. This will be a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere where the judges will get to know you better. Interview counts for 25% of the contestant’s overall score.

Casual Wear

Each contestant will wear the following attire during this segment:

  • White sneakers (“white” must be the dominant color, but the sneaker can have a stripe or splash of another color)
  • White socks NOT ABOVE THE KNEE
  • White shorts NOT BELOW THE KNEE with a belt
  • T-shirt provided by the Little Miss Tennessee United States

Evening Wear

In the Evening Wear phase of competition, contestants are required to walk across the state in an evening gown of their choice. Judges will score based on poise and grace of each contestant. The Evening Wear portion of the competition counts for 25% of the contestant’s overall score.

Onstage Question

During this phase, contestants are asked a random question from a predetermined list that they must then answer onstage with no preparation. Questions normally allow the contestant to talk about herself or give her opinion of general issues. Current events are not normally discussed during this phase of competition in the Miss United States system. The Onstage Question counts for 25% of the contestant’s total score.


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